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See Tallon Hydraulics for Road Approved Systems

Tallon Hydraulics makes and sells Hydraulic Assist Performance Braking systems (also Known as hydroboost by trade name) these units are approved for on road applications.

We build what we sell not like others that assemble parts from diffrent vendors.

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IS IT FRAUD ? Hydratech Braking

To sell  brake system’s  INTENDED FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY but not list the information on your  web site and sale listing or to not make this knowledge clearly visible and available to the consumer before purchase. Or to hide or mislead or misrepresent that the product your selling is INTENDED FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY in some tucked away corner of a web site so the manufacturer of seller won’t be libel! Let the buyer beware should be the  motto of  Hydratech Braking,Classic Performance Products,Summit Racing  and all others that sell this product the fact that INTENDED FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY is not printed in big bold letter’s across each product listing should be of concern to all consumers!!! Customers are purchasing brake systems for cars and truck for improved performance with the intent of on the street use.

It’s like selling lollipops in the grocery store and in small print hidden somewhere on the wrapper stating NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION in small print. If your going to sell lollipop in the grocery store not for human consumption. Put it in big bold letters don’t try to hide the fact.

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Hydratech Braking – Dirty Little Secret

Performance brake users beware Hydratech Braking is selling braking systems that are not road worthy.Can you imagine that Hydratech would sell you a brake system and represented it as road worthy only to find out that Hydratech Braking places a note on it’s instructions that it is for off road use only. It would only be fair to the consumer to list this issue on the product description before the customer makes a purchase not to hide it from the public and only list this information on the instruction sheet that the end user only see’s after the product is purchased. Why not list this fact on each and every braking systems you sell up front and on the top of each part listing THIS PRODUCT IS FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY!

The other consideration on this issue is that Classic Performance Products,Summit Racing and all other Hydratech dealers also sell this braking system with out making this information public on the part listing it is hidden in the instruction’s.

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Hydratech Braking Systems Not Approved For Road Use

Products built,sold,assembled by hydratech braking are not approved for road use. All products sold by hydratech and it’s dealers Classic Performance Products Summit Racing Muscle Rodz Just to name a few are NOT approved for on road use. As advertised on there instruction sheet and disclaimers on warranties and liabilities also on instruction sheets supplied with the product sold.What this boils down to any consumer using a braking system for on road use sold by hydratech or its dealers assumes full responsibility for failure of this product and also assume full responsibility for damages with on road use.

This may result in litigation for damages against any end user or installer should a failure occur with on road use and may result in denial of auto insurance claims.


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Hydratech Braking Undercuts Dealers

Hydratech braking undercuts it’s own dealer’s WoW

After building your company sales’ on the bones of your dealers efforts and free advertising on there web sites. Paul Clark has the nerve to under cut his own dealers by offering a better price to to buy direct. How would you feel if you helped someone build there company sales as a dealer just to have them stab you in the back and steal your sales by offering the same product at a lower price!!!

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Holy Sh#t Can You Believe This Scumbag

Not only has Paul Clark of hydratech braking used his web master scott gulbranson and lateral-G web site to put down his competition but now he is undercutting his own dealers.

It even gets better than that all braking systems sold by hydratech are not approved for use on road. This leaves the end user fully liable for any problems caused by or failure of this product if used on  road.

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Thank You Tallon Hydraulics Customers

Thank You to our many customers and for supporting us with record sales. In recent months a competitor (hydratech braking) has made faults claims and has tried to discredit Tallon Hydraulics on forums owned by his web designer. Your support and ability to see the truth bolsters our faith in people and drives us on to excellence.

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Hydratech Braking Fails Again

Thank you Tallon customers for your support and record sales. In recent months hydratech braking paul clark and its web designer and host  and owner of lateral-g scott gulbranson along with hydratech dealers have tried to discredit Tallon Hydraulics Inc with faults claims and lies and fabricated forum posts. The simple fact is our products have better quality and a much better price. The fact that these nuvo30 something assholes are trying so hard to discredit us tells you how much we are cutting in to there business and over inflated prices. Tallon builds what it sells no middle man no dealers for quality and value no one can beat our pricing.

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Hydratech & Lateral-g promote brake systems not approved for road use!

Lateral-g and scott gulbranson who is also the web host for hydratech are promoting a product for on road use when it is clear that this product is not approved for road use.

It seems as if money is the driving factor in this arrangement. And these people have very little  for re-gard the end user or being honest with the forum members who are using this product on the road.

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